The Company offers a Communication Channel in accordance with Law 2/2023, to receive and properly manage all information regarding:

  • Indications of actions or omissions that could be criminal or administrative offenses.
  • Indications of actions or omissions that could constitute offenses under European Union Law.
  • Indications of violations of Labor Law regarding safety and health at work.
  • Information on non-compliance with current legal regulations, as well as doubts, complaints, or suggestions regarding Compliance.

The Compliance Committee, and where applicable, the company's Administrative Body will be responsible for receiving and managing these communications.

In the event of a conflict of interest with any of the recipients of the report, it is permissible to block the communication to that particular body.

The company categorically rejects any form of retaliation, whether in the form of threats, attempts, or any act that seeks retaliation against those individuals who present communications in accordance with what is established by the Law.

Complete confidentiality and the maintenance of anonymity during the investigation procedures of the information received are ensured, guaranteeing an objective, impartial, and transparent treatment of such information in compliance with data protection regulations and Law 2/2023. The identity of the informant will be reserved.

When completing the forms, it is important to follow certain rules, such as providing truthful information and acting in good faith.

  • Personal data of third parties unrelated to the report should not be shared. Avoid sharing personal information classified as sensitive data, such as related to health, ideology, union membership, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, as established in Article 9 of the LOPDGDD.
  • The informant presenting false information with bad intentions, seeking to cause unjustified harm, will face appropriate measures, including the possibility of notifying competent authorities to initiate proceedings.
  • The manager of the Communication Channel will generate an acknowledgment of receipt after completing the form.

For more details about the procedure, consult the Channel's Policy and Procedure.

Communications can also be made externally to competent authorities, such as the Independent Authority for the Protection of Informants (A.A.I.), regional authorities, Public Prosecutor's Office, European Prosecutor's Office, State Security Forces, Anti-Fraud Agency, and other competent bodies.

To file a complaint or communication:

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