Social Action.



Personal development

We foster socially sustainable work in all areas. Therefore, we value the professionals who are part of the group, so satisfaction, personal development and a good working environment are fundamental for the proper functioning of our organization.

Professional relationship

At Cañamás Hnos. we work for people both inside and outside the company, so we also take special care of relationships with all external agents of the company, whether they are customers, suppliers or any other person with a professional link with the Group.



Work-life balance

We value our human capital through organizational practices that guarantee innovation, creativity and learning for each person. Improving working conditions and reconciling with their personal life are permanent objectives at Cañamás Hermanos.


Aware that human relationships within the organization mark our professionalism and the quality of our service, we work every day to offer the best of each person and we strive for our actions to have a positive impact on society.



Local economic development

We improve the economic environments where our productive areas are located by hiring local staff, thus reversing the economic benefit derived from this activity in the area where it is generated.

Food assistance

As part of our constant commitment to the social welfare of our environment, we allocate a part of our export volume to collaborate with Food Banks in the Spanish national market, thus facilitating access to healthy and quality products for all people.